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Passing Arguments in Javascript

10 April, 2016

You can pass arguments into functions to be used within the function. These arguments can be any JavaScript data type including functions.

  • We create an ifElse function which has a condition of true or false passed into it, 2 functions and 1 argument to be used in those functions.
  • Notice that funcOne and funcTwo both take an argument of x which is console logged when they are called.
  • We call the ifElse function and pass in true as the condition, the two functions and a string of myArg.
  • The condition is true so isTrue is called and the myArg string gets console logged as it was passed in via the arg argument.
var ifElse = function(condition, isTrue, isFalse, arg) {
  if (condition) {
    isTrue(arg); // this is called, passing in the myArg string
  } else {

var funcOne = function(x) {

var funcTwo = function(x) {

ifElse(true, funcOne, funcTwo, "myArg");