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Laravel Valet Installing PHPRedis with PECL/Homebrew

This post was written 3/2/2020 and explains how I got Redis working using Laravel Valet and PhpRedis.


VueJS Auth Using Laravel Airlock

A first look at Laravel Airlock, building a simple VueJS SPA.


Adding Tailwind To a VueJS Project

Adding Tailwind CSS to a VueJs project built with the CLI


Update A User Profile In Laravel

A basic example that enables a user to to update an email address and name field in Laravel.


Passing Arguments in Javascript

You can pass arguments into functions to be used within the function. These arguments can be any JavaScript data type including functions.


JavaScript Objects

JavasScript objects are held in memory, changing their properties can work in unexpected ways sometimes.


Basic Module Pattern JavaScript

Use a simple module pattern in JavaScript to make your code more predictable.


Factory Function To Create An Object In JavaScript

Use a constructor function that returns an object as a blueprint in your JavaScript code.


Understanding Closures In JavaScript

This example shows how you create a closure in JavaScript it uses an alert function that can be incremented and re-used/passed around.